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financial accountant

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Dilovası / Kocaeli, Kocaeli
Yayınlanma tarihi:
26 Nisan 2019 Cuma
referans numarası:
We are looking for '' Financial Accountant'' for our partner operating in manufacturing sector.

*Solid and safe background – both in theory and experience and independent operating on all common accounting and tax issues in TR-GAAP of at least a mid-size company (specific sector of industry).

* Applies depreciation rates to capital assets and handles reliable the asset accounting.

* Strong and reliable knowledge – both in theory and experience – as well as working independent on all common custom issues in accordance with

import/export of material and goods

* Responsible contact person for the customs agencies

* Execution of the operational accounting (bookkeeping)

Advises management on desirable operational adjustments due to tax code changes.

* Confident and safe experience – both in theory and practice – as well as trustful handling of payment transactions of at least a mid-size company.

* Arranges for audits of company accounts and acts as contact person to

authorities, service companies and headquarter from case to case.

* Prepares reports which summarize and forecast business activity and financial

position based on past, present, and expected operations reporting on a monthly,

quarterly and yearly basis to headquarters.

* Directs preparation of budgets and reviews budget proposals on a regular basis.

* Provides management with reviews of organization's financial status and

progress in its various initiatives – both regular and ad-hoc disclosures.

* Prepares reports required by regulatory agencies.

*Establishes relations with banks and other financial institutions in accordance with headquarters.

*The company reserves the right to add or change duties at any time.