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credit admin monitoring associate

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Şişli, Istanbul (Avrupa)
Yayınlanma tarihi:
23 Temmuz 2019 Salı
referans numarası:
Danışmanlığını yürütmekte olduğumuz bankacılık sektöründe faaliyet gösteren firmamız için "Credit Admin Monitoring Associate" arayışımız bulunmaktadır.

The candidate will be expected to handle the issues regarding Credit Admin and Monitoring tasks in line with the local and global requirements. The candidate will be required to complete a bucket of periodic reports as well as ad-hoc issues in accordance with the bank’s policies.
The candidate will be reporting to the Head of Credit Department. Close cooperation with credit analysts, relationship managers and other relevant parties such as risk management, SROs and other offices (when and where necessary) is required.
In addition to above, close cooperation as well as participations to the meetings held by related bodies (i.e. Banks Association of Turkey, Credit Bureau (KKB)) have to be fulfilled.
To meet the tight deadlines of periodic monitoring and portfolio quality reports (local, global and regulatory).
Respond to ad-hoc requests and questions in his/her responsibility area.
Monthly/quarterly assessment of received information covenant checks. Communication with credit analysts/relationship managers for the completion of missing information and/or financial covenant checks.
Periodic review of the written procedures and policies (at least on an annual basis).
Credit knowledge is important for adequately identifying early warning signals with the aim of minimizing loan losses.
Making the necessary checks and giving sign-off to the loan disbursement forms prior to the disbursements.
To ensure the compliance with legal lending limit and preparing periodic control reports.
Last but not least, the candidate will also involve in restructuring and follow-up processes in case of need.