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legal counsel

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ŞİŞLİ, Istanbul (Avrupa)
Yayınlanma tarihi:
28 Eylül 2020 Pazartesi
referans numarası:
We are seeking for a an agile, lean, supporting the team spirit, passionate and customer-oriented legal counsel.
Our customer is a technology company, and the person we are looking for will be perfecting our customers’ internet experience “just as it should be” while accomplishing a breakthrough in the telecom sector with high technology.

Corporate compliance and day-to-day management issues; preparing corporate documents, following up required registrations in the chamber of commerce, attending committee/board/general assembly meetings.
Drafting and negotiating M&A and corporate law agreements such as share purchase agreements, asset purchase agreements, letters of intent, due diligence reports, share holder resolutions as well as commercial agreements and arrangements.
Compliance with data protection regulations; reviewing and making necessary amendments on the agreements, policies and procedures, supporting business units on data protection compliance projects.
Legal business support matters, including contract review, drafting and negotiation agreements, service, lease, nondisclosure, loan agreements and security documents within the scope of the project finance.
Provided advice to the management on all legal aspects including commercial law, corporate law, data privacy law.