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We are looking for part-time or full time employees who are willing to work with us on DevOps related activities.

You will be responsible for infrastructure and platform related configuration, administration and operational activities. In this role DevOps Engineer is expected touch all below components:

Networking : Subnet/IP Address Planning, Firewall Configuration, Routing, Load Balancing, SSLVPN and IPSEC VPN Configuration, Service Mesh (Istio)

Server and Virtualization : Physical Server Administration, Virtual Server Administration (VMware, KVM, etc.), Operating System Administration (Linux, MacOS)

Storage : Local Storage, SAN, FC/iSCSI Storage, NAS Administration

Middleware: In memory cache (i.e. redis, couchbase), messaging (i.e. Kafka, Strimzi, AMQ), distributed databases (i.e. cassandra)

Database Management Systems: PostgreSQL (with pgbouncer), mongodb, etc.

Container Orchestration : Openshift, OKD, Rancher, etc.

Logging and Monitoring : Elastic Search, Kibana, Fluentd, Logstash, Kiali, Grafana, Loki

Continuos Integration/Delivery Tools : Jenkins, Tekton, Gradle, Maven, Nexus, Ansible, Kustomize, Helm

Cloud Platforms : Google Cloud Engine, AWS

Technologies given for above components are for reference. Here at Valensas we are not bound to any technology. We love trying out emerging technologies and as long as it fits into our requirements we are wiling to include it into out tech stack.

It is OK if you don't know all of the above technologies. As long as you have experience with similar products we are ok with a learning curve. You will be working with our seniors engineers to guide you through the journey.
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