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front end developer

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levent, ıstanbul (avrupa)
IT & Telekomünikasyon
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We are looking for a talented front-end developer to form the core of a newly expanding applications development team.

• Engage in understanding product and features to better participate in product development.
• Detect and fulfill front-end requirements
• Troubleshoot, debug and upgrade existing software
• Integrate software components and third-party platforms
• Write comprehensive manuals, guides, and documents
• Contribute to the learning environment by exploring new technology and sharing the knowledge with the team.
• Help create, promote, and develop a highly-engaged, supportive and innovative technology team that others would want to be a part of.


• 3+ years experience delivering front-end software that is correct, stable, secure, and accessibility compliant.
• 3+ years experience decomposing a problem into clear software and UX design actions.
• Experience with popular, modern CSS Frameworks such as Bootstrap and preprocessors such as SASS or LESS
• Ability to work with highly agile development cycle
• Ability to discuss and debate all options to achieve the optimal solution.
• Ability to think big and help innovate in a fast-paced environment.
• Proficient in view layout and rendering technologies (e.g., responsiveness, progressive enhancement, browser/device support). Know when it is appropriate to make graceful fallbacks.
• Understanding of how to optimize the delivery of code and assets (e.g., images, fonts) to a browser or device (e.g., lazy loading assets, using CDNs, caching, compression, etc.).
• Familiar with how to be efficient with resource usage (e.g., application impact on memory and CPU, caches appropriately, respectful of customer’s devices, etc.).
• Experience instrumenting software with real user metrics to reflect the customer experience.
• Experience developing applications in AngularJs.
• Ability to seek out information to avoid solving the wrong problem and mitigate UI risks early in the process to avoid feature delays.
• Proven experience in being innovative, flexible and self-directed.
• Able to articulate the risks and benefits of depending on front-end libraries, frameworks, and toolsets.
• Able to solve difficult software and UX problems with some ambiguity.
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