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We are looking for a Frontend Developer for our client in aviation sector.

We are immersed in a progressive and agile process of migrating our main web application from AngularJS to ReactJS.Our business leads us to have an architecture that is always oriented to flexibility, maintainability and scalability. We are really sensitive with product and code quality, so we care about the way we resolve challenges.


3+ years of experience working in frontend projects
You have a good base of Javascript, Typescript and React
Your care about code quality and simplicity
Solid track-record building Frontend architecture applications
Experience building and maintaining scalable web applications
Be familiarized with front-end testing
Experience connecting Frontend components with APIs
Self-motivated, diligent and detail oriented
Team player, but able to work independently
Eager to learn new skills, continuous improvement mindset and able to keep up
with the latest technologies
Proactive, with the ability to adapt to different working styles and environments
Organized: Our industry is aviation; we need to have high control of the processes,
documentation, quality… and all this, being flexible and adaptable!
Problem-solver: You have an engineering mindset and love solving complex challenges
Able to communicate and work effectively using English language
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