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We are looking for a JavaScript Developer for our client who provides the most modern web and mobile technologies.

As a JavaScript Developer, you’ll be working on global projects, taking responsibility from the idea phase to the launch of the final product.

You’ll be part of a close-knit and dedicated team that is based in Izmir, not even mentioning the perks of living in this awesome city.


3+ years experience in the industry as a JavaScript Developer

Excellent knowledge of JavaScript with data structures, algorithms and software design principles

Knowledge of ESNext features

Good knowledge of typing and tools such as TypeScript, Flow and Reason

Create and maintain reusable JS/CSS libraries and components

Good understanding of React.JS or Angular.JS or Vue

Familiarity with module bundlers, such as Webpack

Experience in testing and its tools such as Jest, Mocha

Feeling comfortable with strict linting rules

Knowledge of functional and object-oriented programming principles

Experience in using Git for source control

Having the habit of writing clean and useful documentation

Basic knowledge of CSS and its methodologies such as BEM, OOCss, Smacss

Bonus point if you have experience on GraphQL

Bonus point if you have with React.JS and its ecosystem
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