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We are looking for a "Plant Controller” for our global client operating in the FMCG industry.

Measuring, controlling and analyzing costs related with Beauty Care Operations, production, supply chain, inventory management, and transportation activities (in Dilovası plant).

Analyzing Operations, Supply Chain and production activities for setting up control systems (cost items, product cost structure, cost centers, cost allocation etc.).

Setting up organizational performance control and measurement systems (identification and definition of KPI's).

Preparing and collecting necessary data for the expenses and personnel plan for Operations, Supply Chain and factory, warehouse related budget.

Preparing annual plan quantities for budget and personnel plan.

Preparing capacity plan.

Determining cost center structure.

Planning cost allocation from/to plants, warehouse and within the cost center.

Determining the allocation method of the secondary cost centers.

Planning and controlling plant budget according to the Henkel standards in cooperation with the function managers (Supply Chain, Factory Managers).

Maintaining SAP system for budget.

Preparing and reporting monthly, quarterly and yearly management reports, regional and local KPI reports.

Calculating and analyzing article’s standard manufacturing cost, intercompany business.

Supporting SAP projects for MM/PP issues.

Planning Utilization Variance for budget and calculating actual utilization variance monthly.

Evaluating monthly cost development plan regarding cost center and cost element.

Checking and controlling cost center accounting, analyzing deviations.

Calculating and determining special/specific costs.

Controlling and analyzing plants, warehouses, transportation actual costs to ensure that they are in line with the budget.

Informing management for current status and the deviations from the plan.

Reporting the overspendings, deviations to the management for probable cost saving fields.

Controlling current costs of production, comparing costs of products and product groups, comparing moving average costs with standard costs.

Calculating the production, inventory losses.

Supporting engineering financially to trace and evaluate the investments and for the capitalization.

Controlling investments spends.

Responsible of assets in related cost centers.

Checking and controlling the master recipe data, cooperation with the productions to have the correct processing costs.

Controlling all invoice and cost centers allocations.

Support make-or-buy decisions, special investment projects, and productivity improvement as well as cost reduction initiatives.

Calculate and publish intercompany prices.

Additional operation cost control.

Controlling transportation and warehouse cost for Dilovası plant.


3-5 years professional experience in Operations Controlling.

Excellent analytical and conceptual abilities.

Able to work in a challenging yet dynamic international environment.

Strong team player and good communicator.

Proficient in SAP and business systems.

Fluent in English.

Having good communication.

Having leadership and convincing abilities, holding good the human relations between the units, making quick and adequate decisions.

Having a research ability and an analytical thinking, being able to hold him/her motivation and the staff’s motivation high especially in critical conditions, establishing teamwork in the staff, being able to make plans about future.

Having creativity abilities.
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