product manager

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umraniye, ıstanbul (anadolu)
IT & Telekomünikasyon
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We are looking for a product manager who can lead
innovations ahead by developing products, based on the identified potential products with a relevant up to date market research, generating product requirements, determining specifications, production timetables, and time-integrated plans for product introduction, as well as developing marketing strategies. Our client is leading global provider of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices.

Develop flexible and innovative SaaS B2B, B2C etc. solutions with the required market research utilising digital tools and wealth of industry reports.
Deeply analyze and understand the customer needs with a design thinking mindset.
Prepare qualified and professional road maps and detailed specifications based on the analysis and the documentation regarding the user needs and determine the product priorities.
Capable to communicate with customers on CFO and CEO level with technical and business insights.
Ability to forecast and analyze value of product ideas and prepare ROI reports for present and future product lines from requirements.
Support SaaS Team by actively taking part in recruitment and training cycle of the employees to improve capability.
Collaborate horizontaly and verticaly within the organization to prepare prototypes involving designers, engineers, data scientists, and user researchers case by case bases.
Cooperate with sales and marketing department and transfer necessary requirements for product expansion.


3+ years of proven experience in product management field
Experience in working agile development environment
Ability to thrive in a fast paced environment, with high dedication
Strong communication skills, who can adjust and communicate level of details according to audience,
such as technical or business.
Ability to work independently and take the initiative to drive the innovative solutions ahead
Excellent written and spoken English, and ability to advertise promote our advantages from various aspects against competitors.


Experience in online document management and documents insight software
Design, development, architecture knowledge in IT software development.
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