senior devops / platform engineer

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ıstanbul (asia), ıstanbul (anadolu)
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DevOps/Platform Engineer will report to the Director of Information Services and must be eligible for the responsibilities to evolve and support Clients' applications and cloud infrastructure.
Responsibilities include collaborating with senior members of the DevOps team and setting the strategy for testing and production line; least but not limited to build, deploy, monitor, and operate Cloud Resources.
He/she should be intimately familiar with coding and running applications at scale on modern cloud architectures, this role also covers provisioning the main infrastructure with Terraform and Ansible, ideally using Dockers, LXD and Kubernetes (or other container orchestration tools).
DevOps/Platform Engineer will approach infrastructure from an engineering point of view and understand the operational concerns (such as troubleshooting, maintaining and monitoring) that comes with such a platform.

Own availability and performance of the company's hosted products.
Provide hands-on expertise to the team, leveraging agile methodologies and DevOps principles.
Work on initiatives to ensure cost-effective solutions (while maintaining quality).
Manage the operational aspect of the platform (Jump in and help troubleshoot issues).
Own the monitoring and alerting.
Automate cloud infrastructure using tools like Terraform, Ansible...Maintain the CI/CD pipelines of various projects (running on Github)
Work to ensure a 99.9% uptime of the development/staging/production environment.
Coding of infrastructure systems to deploy operate a fully automated containerized development/production environment.
Maintain and deploy highly available, fault-tolerant systems at scale.
Use of configuration management toolsets to ensure systems are kept up to date with the latest security updates.
Work closely with the Development team to implement new features, troubleshoot problems, and improve overall performance in the development/ production environment.


Minimum 3-4 years of experience in a hands-on DevOps engineering role.
Significant experience successfully implementing CI/CD using modern technologies with hands-on experience using tools like Jenkins, Sonar, RLM, GitHub, Docker, Docker Schedulers, Terraform (3-4 years).
Configuration management using Puppet, Chef, Ansible, or similar.
Experienced on designing, implementing and supporting multivendor cloud-based infrastructure and platform services.
Experienced with RDBMS (privately hosted or hosted in cloud) MySQL 5.6+, Management of IAM, Security Groups, VPC, Transit Gateway, VPC Peering-working knowledge.
JIRA API (if not experienced, will need to learn quickly)-jira exp have CircleCI 2.1 (or need to migrate to another cost-effective CI solution). (or need to migrate to another cost-effective error monitoring solution).
Experience in open source technologies like, Kubernetes, Docker, Git, Elasticsearch, Redis-More than 5 years Must be able to act as a champion for a DevOps culture-6 years.
Ability to work in a highly collaborative environment. Skill sets Software Operations / DevOps / Automation Software Development. Project Management Business Analysis 80% of the DevOps Engineers out there would have done the generic stuff of containerization, orchestration using Kubernetes.
All these are very basic in Kubernetes.
For somebody to have done some good work or focused work in Kubernetes, apart from the usual containerization and orchestration in Kubernetes, one should have experience in Pod configuration, Clusters, K8, Kubernetes API Objects, Federated Deployments, setting and creation of Custom Resources etc.
Thought the above might help you to understand some details about Kubernetes.
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