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We are looking for a Social Media Community Executive for our customer operating in the food suplement industry.

Effectively establish the corresponding community system to complete user screening and user seed group construction according to different user tags;
Responsible for the daily operation, topic planning, online activity implementation, promoting, sharing and precipitation of high-quality content in order to improve the quality of community content and user activity;
Responsible for drafting community operation management system and establishing effective user incentive system;
Responsible for organizing and planning community operation activities completing recruitment, maintaining, duplication and transformation in social media community;
Responsible for the user loyalty and operation transformation of the community. Conduct relevant data analysis of the community population, activities and transactions;
Achieving the targets required by the company.


Bachelor degree or above. Candidates with 5 years or more experience with e-commerce industry distribution, KOL development are preferred;
3 years or more experiences of implementation in community activity planning;
Candidates should have their own values and methodology in community operation;
Good communication skills, creativity, clear thinking, initiative, strong execution ability;
Strong language skills, keen activity planning and execution ability. Good at creating topics and planning community activities in order to guide users to participate in interaction;
Focus on and like new Internet products. High sensitivity to the Internet market and understands the conventional network promotion methods. Master the commonly used social network tools globally, such as Facebook, INS, WhatsApp, WeChat and other apps in social media recruitment.
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