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We are seeking a Training Team Manager in Human Resources Department.

· Being able to give trainings who bring in technical skill and behavioural change concerning the employee development issues,
· Able to build successful in human relations, having a proactive approach and having the skills of building effective with every kind of management level. Able to develop new methodologies for fulling the planning, design and targets,
· Having an objective and positive point of view,
· Result oriented, having a motive and a professional point of view,
· Analysing the education needs of the operations which are under his responsibility, designing the trainings which shall provide positive effect on the business results and providing the required organisation.
· Guiding, informing, training and providing the trainers to work who are connected to him efficiently.
· Closely monitoring the performance of the team which is connected to him, keeping it in a reportable state.
· Giving the soft skill trainings within the program by organizing the long term development programs, realising the follow-up and reporting by using the necessary measurement methods.


Bachelor degree,
· Excellent verbal, written and communication skills in English (at a level to realize global written communications and discussions)
· Has preferably a minimum 5 years’ training experience in and 2 years’ team management experience in the Call Centre Sector.
· Should have no restrictions to travel due to the training plans at different locations,
· For male candidates, military service should be completed.
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