www.randstad.com.tr (“Website”/”Site”) is a website, of which all copyrights belong to Randstad Search and Selection Personel Seçme ve Yerleştirme Limited Şirketi and/or Randstad Work Solutions İstihdam ve İnsan Kaynakları Ltd. Şti. and/or Randstad group companies (hereinafter collectively or individually referred to as “Randstad”). The rules under these terms of use (“Terms of Use”) set forth and clarify the terms, with which the users are obliged to comply when using the Website.

Terms of Use should be read carefully. By using the Site, you declare that you accept the content of these Terms of Use in advance and that you will abide by the Terms of Use. If you do not accept the Terms of Use specified herein, we suggest you not to use the Website and the services provided by Randstad.

Randstad reserves its right to amend the Terms of Use at any time by way of updating the same. For this reason, we suggest you to visit this page periodically in order to review the Terms of Use. The terms of “You”/”User(s)”, in the way they are mentioned herein, shall mean all individuals visiting the Site for any reason, users willing to use Randstad services.



1.    The User declares that he/she has passed the age of 18 or that he/she accepts these Terms of Use with the approval of his/her legal representative.


2.    Within the scope of the services provided by Randstad Search and Selection Personel Seçme ve Yerleştirme Limited Şirketi, first of all, by entering the Site, the User may create a Curriculum Vitae (CV) for him/herself after entering his/her e-mail address, name-surname, password and other requested personal data, he/she may review the job advertisements on the Site. When the User wants to apply for a certain job advertisement, he/she should become a member of the Site. The User may start the membership operation by clicking the button of “Create New Account” from the tab of My Randstad and by entering the personal information requested from him/her on the page.


3.    The User is responsible for the accuracy and actuality of the personal data that he/she uploads on the Website. The Site is integrated with Linkedin account and it may be integrated with other applications as well in the future; therefore one may enter the Site through the information that will be gathered from the accounts on the stated applications as well.


4.    The User is required to be a member in order to properly benefit from Randstad services. Only one account is allowed for each User on the Site. In case it is determined that a User has more than one account, the User’s membership may be blocked by Randstad.


The liability to ensure the safety of the Users’ passwords belongs solely to the Users. Randstad may not be held responsible for the acquiring of Users’ passwords, membership accounts by third parties. The Users are responsible for changing their passwords in case of situations that constitute risks in respect of security and they are obliged to notify Randstad immediately in case they find out that their passwords are used by unauthorized persons.


Randstad Turkey undertakes to protect your personal data that you shared with us. Your personal information are protected in the most sensitive manner and handled in accordance with the provisions of Law on Personal Data Protection numbered 6698.

We will use your personal information only for the purposes of recruitment and job placement (temporary or permanent job placement services etc.) within Randstad Turkey (internally) and/or the client’s side (externally), drafting of employment agreements, payrolling and/or other Human Resources solutions (outplacement, assessment etc.) and fulfilling our legal obligations.

We may share your personal information with our clients in or outside of Turkey, our third party service providers (training institutes etc.) and/or our business partners and/or transfer such information to the cloud. Additionally, we may transfer your personal data domestically and/or abroad within this scope.

If the User becomes a member to the Site via its Linkedin or any other social media account, the User accepts that Randstad can also access the information located in profile of such accounts and transmitted by the User while becoming a member of such applications (age, gender etc.).

We are obliged to use your personal information legally due to following reasons:

-          In respect of legal or contractual subjects, personal information are required be provided in order for us to provide our services to you and our clients.

-          Subjects, with respect to which the provision of personal information of the person subject to data is obligatory.  

We will not use your personal information for the purposes other than those stated under this Principle, without notifying you and obtaining your consent in advance.

Personal information of a candidate may be shared with our clients (for example; for assessment of job placement of the candidate). In general, we inform the candidate regarding the identity of such client prior to directing such information to the relevant client. However, in relation to job opportunities which are suitable for you and which we believe you may be interested in, we may share your information with the client companies without obtaining your consent by hiding your name. Therefore, by sharing your personal data with Randstad Turkey, you give your consent for sharing of such data by Randstad Turkey with our clients, business partners or third party service providers and for transfer of such data to the cloud. If you do not wish to provide your consent regarding this matter, we advise you not to use Randstad Turkey services and not to share your personal data with Randstad Turkey.

Provided that legal retention periods implemented by the legislation are reserved; your personal data will be stored for 5 years as from the date of activities such as our receipt of your CV, update of your profile or our last interview regarding a job opportunity etc., whichever occurred at the latest. In case you execute an employment agreement with us or through our agency, we are required to keep your information for the period necessary to fulfil our obligations to third parties pursuant to the relevant laws and provisions (tax and social security provisions etc.). Apart from this, you may also apply to us for deletion of your information before the expiration of 5 years period, provided that we do not have a legal obligation.

At any time, you may request from us the following:

i.                     Acknowledging whether your personal data is processed,

ii.                   In case your personal data is processed, requesting information regarding this matter,

iii.                  Acknowledging the purpose of processing of your personal data and whether your  personal data is used in accordance with such purpose,

iv.                 Knowing the third parties to which your personal data will be transmitted domestically or abroad,

v.                   Requesting for correction of your personal data which is processed wrongfully or deficiently,

vi.                 Other rights specified in article 11 of Law on Personal Data Protection.

We will deal with your request in a sensitive manner, so that your rights can be exercised. We may request identity check from you in order not to share your information with anyone else! In addition, in case the transaction you request requires any additional cost, you may be charged with the price set forth in the price list specified by the Board of Personal Data Protection.

Note that in some cases (legal requirements etc.) we may not be able to comply with your request immediately. However, in any case, we will inform you regarding your request within one month.

You may withdraw the consent you provided. However note that this will not change the legitimacy of transactions performed prior to withdrawal of your consent and transactions to be performed later due to contractual or legal reasons which may concern Randstad Turkey.

You may contact with Randstad Turkey (info@randstad.com.tr) regarding the subject. 



1.    Within the scope of the services provided by Randstad Search and Selection Personel Seçme ve Yerleştirme Limited Şirketi under the Site, (i) if the User is a candidate, he/she accepts in advance with these Terms of Use that Randstad do not present him/her any commitment for job, any profit guarantee or any other commitment for job guarantee, (ii) if the User is an employer searching for employees, he/she accepts in advance with these Terms of Use that Randstad do not present him/her any commitment for job, any commitment for profit guarantee.


2.    The responsibility regarding whether any kind of content added, uploaded to the Site by the User is in accordance with the applicable legislation belongs fully to the User. Randstad is entitled to remove, regulate, amend or block any added content that is contrary to the legislation, public morality and ethics at any time and at its sole discretion without giving notice to the User. In such case, the User irrevocably accepts that he/she shall not make any requests from Randstad.  


3.    The Website may contain mistakes, spelling and software errors. Randstad does not make any commitment regarding the accuracy, authenticity, completeness and/or continuance of the Website and/or the content of the Website. Unless it is expressly stated in the Terms of Use by Randstad, no information or opinion that the User obtains from the Website shall be deemed as guarantee in relation to any subject.


4.    Randstad shows utmost care for preservation of the User’s information. However, the Website is a public domain; therefore Randstad does not have any responsibility in case the User’s information is acquired, changed or erased by third parties due to the fact that the system, where the data is preserved, is intruded, operation of the system is broken or changed. In addition, the User accepts in advance that each time he/she visits the Site, his/her location information, information regarding the time of connection, the period and similar information are automatically recorded by the Site and that these information may be associated with the User’s personal information by Randstad, and that he/she consents to processing of the said personal data within this scope.  




1.    All rights regarding all sub-domain names on the Site, including the Site’s domain name and User accounts, belong to Randstad. The Users have no rights over the sub-domain names, where their membership accounts are located. In this respect, the User accepts in advance that in case he/she unsubscribes or his/her membership is cancelled for any reason, the sub-domain name may be used by different members and that he/she shall not claim any rights regarding such use.


2.    The Website is a public and open site. The information, images and contents available on the Site content shall not be copied, distributed, reproduced, used, amended and retained in order to be used in the future, partially or completely, or their similar information, images and contents shall not be created in a manner that would cause confusion, without Randstad’s prior written approval. All the Site content (text, data, graphic, image, logos, button symbols, data base, design, software and other elements related to the Site content) is Randstad’s intellectual and industrial property; the User declares and undertakes that he/she shall not claim any right over all the said content, which has the characteristics of work. This undertaking shall remain in force in case of termination and/or expiration of membership as an independent undertaking from the undertakings constituted with the Terms of Use. Unauthorized use of all financial rights (process, reproduction, distribution, representation and publicizing) regarding the Website’s content, design and software shall mean breach of intellectual property rights.


3.    In addition to those above, the User may not sell or use in accordance with purposes such as advertisement and similar purposes the contents on the Site and may not dispose on such contents in a manner that would breach the rights of the third persons.


4.    The User agrees to comply with the legislation currently in force and the legislation that may enter into force in the future and the notices that will be published by Randstad regarding the Site and the provisions of these Terms of Use, when using the Site. All kinds of legal, penal, administrative and financial responsibility that may arise due to use against those specified above shall belong to the User. In case Randstad is addressed to for this reason and it is obligated to make any payment, the User shall be liable to compensate all the damages of Randstad upon first request along with secondaries.




1.    During the period, on which the User visits the Site, Randstad may place cookies or javascript codes for the purpose of analyzing the Site usage data or other similar tracking data (including Google adwords remarketing campaigns and SEO works) into your computer. Cookies consist of simple text files and they do not contain identity information and other private information, although they do not contain these kinds of personal information, login information and similar data are retained and may be used in order to re-identify the User. You accept and declare that you approve the said cookie application by accepting these Terms of Use.


2.    In addition, Randstad may include, from time to time, the information and links regarding the websites belonging to third persons for advertisement purposes. We declare that when you enter on the other websites by clicking these links, the applications regarding the said sites and their site security are not under our control and that these Terms of Use are not applicable with respect to other sites. In this respect, you should review the terms of use of other sites in order to determine how the other websites collect, use and share your information. Randstad does not make any declaration and undertaking with regards to the accuracy of the content of other websites.


3.    The Site may contain connections to other websites, on which we do not have control. We kindly remind you that we are not responsible for privacy policies and terms of use of such websites; and we recommend you to review the terms of use and privacy policies of the said sites.




1.    The User accepts that his/her membership will continue as long as he/she fulfills all the Terms of Use. Randstad reserves its right to recourse to Users along with secondaries for all responsibility that may arise due to the fact that the User breaches the Terms of Use and for all allegations, requests and/or payments that may be claimed against Randstad by third persons and/or competent authorities.


2.    Not limited to those specified below, in case of determination of breach of Terms of Use or receipt of any complaint regarding such breaches, Randstad may prevent the User from using the Site, suspend his/her membership or cancel his/her membership without any notice:


·         Information uploaded by the Users during registration or the content added to the Site afterwards contain texts, photographs or images that do not comply with the general rules of morality of the society, ethics, provisions of current legislation,


·         The User interferes or attempts to interfere in the operation of any program conducted by the Site by using any tool or software, he/she transmits viruses that will prevent the Site from functioning duly and completely, he/she breaches Randstad’s intellectual property rights regarding the software, he/she applies reverse engineering,


·         Disclosure of the password allocated to the User to a third person or use of such password for any unauthorized purpose or it is determined that the password is used by unauthorized persons,


·         The User discloses, changes, copies or reproduces other Users’ information on the Site data base; he/she erases other Users’ information.


3.    The User declares and undertakes in advance that in case Randstad suspends or cancels the User’s membership, he/she shall not make any claims from Randstad.


The User may get his/her membership account closed after sending an e-mail to the address of info@randstad.com.tr by stating that he/she wishes to unsubscribe.




Randstad does not guarantee that the Site will function without errors, that the Site or its servers do not contain computer viruses or other harmful mechanisms. In case your use of the Website damages the User’s hardware and other materials, Randstad shall not be responsible for the related costs. Website and the content are being presented as is without any guarantee. If Randstad is addressed to as recipient in relation to the cases where it cannot be held liable, Randstad may recourse all claims and payments to the User along with secondaries.




1.    Turkish Law shall apply for the resolution of all kinds of disputes that may arise from the Terms of Use; Istanbul Central Courts and Execution Offices shall be authorized.


2.    In relation to the disputes arising from the Terms of Use, the parties accept, declare and undertake that Randstad’s records (e-mail correspondences, internet traffic information and access records, log etc.) shall constitute valid, binding, conclusive and exclusive evidence in respect of article 193 of Code of Civil Procedure numbered 6100 and that this article has the characteristics of evidential contract.


3.    Notifications to be made by the parties to each other shall be sent to the User’s address and/or e-mail address, which he/she entered on the Site, and Randstad’s address and/or e-mail address, which is stated in these Terms of Use. In case of a change in the User’s contact information, the User shall update his/her contact information accordingly. Otherwise; all notifications made to the contact information provided by the User to Randstad shall bear all the legal consequences of a valid notification. In case of a change in Randstad’s contact information, the related change shall be transmitted to these Terms of Use.

Randstad’s contact information is as follows:

Address:    Apa Giz Plaza Büyükdere Caddesi

No: 191 Daire 2&3 Levent



E-mail:       info@randstad.com.tr

Phone:        + 90 212 282 82 12


4.    The fact that any article of the Terms of Use becomes invalid or inapplicable shall not render the other articles invalid.


5.    The fact that Randstad does not use its rights arising from the Terms of Use partially or completely or that it acts against these shall in no way mean that it is waived from these rights.


Randstad may send commercial electronic messages to the e-mail address or SMS number that you shared with us in order to provide better services to You, to announce all kinds of information, campaigns, offers and promotions when necessary and to promote new services within this scope. You hereby accept this by signing the box below. If a User wishes to exit from the commercial electronic approval list, sending an e-mail to the address of info@randstad.com.tr by stating that he/she wishes to exit from the commercial electronic approval list will be sufficient.

We would like to thank you for your interest and confidence to our Site.