A unique look into the top 25 trends that will shape the year ahead — and beyond.

HR leaders around the world understand that 2015 promises to be a crucial year for their organizations. Macroeconomic issues rippling across global markets are having a significant impact on business growth, skilled talent is increasingly scarce, and the C-suite more than ever needs HR to step into a strategic, driving role. It’s a time when HR needs to affirm its ability to deliver essential knowledge and services to keep their organizations ahead of competitors.

So how can HR leaders achieve this goal? First and foremost, they need knowledge about what’s happening in the market, what peers and competitors are thinking and doing, and what actions need to be taken. This made us want to ask more and go deeper into the trends so that we can share our findings with you in the inaugural Randstad Sourceright 2015 Talent Trends Report – an in-depth market analysis and survey of global HR leaders about the issues and challenges they most care about.

We’ve identified 25 of the most dynamic and pressing issues facing workers and employers right now and the concerns they have for the future. Our subject matter experts help you make sense of how these will affect your organization and provide practical tips on how best to cope with — and even benefit from — these game-changing shifts.

The 2015 Talent Trends Report is one of the most comprehensive global analyses of workforce trends you will read this year. Are you prepared for the rise of gig workers? You can be just by reviewing our section on how to optimize contractors as part of your holistic talent strategy. Why should you care about creating a more diverse workforce? We explain the benefits to both your corporate social responsibility strategy and your financial results. And of course we help you understand how initiatives such as recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) and managed services programs (MSP) add higher-quality talent more quickly to your organization. You can be certain that whatever concerns you have about your workforce, we’ve addressed it in this report.

Just as important, our report shares the concerns and outlook of fellow HR executives. We asked HR directors, talent acquisition leaders, and HR managers for their thoughts on the war for talent, the impact of talent scarcity, how they utilize contingent labor, and a host of other issues to give you an extensive understanding of HR practices around the globe.

We encourage you to take a close look at the information in our report and start to ask tough questions on whether your organization is doing enough to address these cutting-edge trends. By leveraging the knowledge and expertise we have provided, you can begin a critical assessment of your strategy 2015 and beyond.

This article appears courtesy of Randstad Sourceright, our world-class talent managment solutions provider.

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